Automobile Ire[Is]Land

In a post Brexit landscape that would potentially restrict the ability to purchase cars in the UK that have originated in Europe and vice versa can moving the automobile landscape to a single island increase the efficiency of the production line further?

My proposal is to move the three main aspects of the automobile industry onto the island of Ireland. Firstly a production line that stretches across the border through the length of the country adding an industry to Ireland which has never been present. Secondly is too move the sales and management aspect onto the Ireland in a central location to ensure that decisions are made with a full understanding of the consequences on the Ireland. Finally an R+D facility that incorporates the existing research methods into a location that vastly increases the efficiency whilst also including the public interaction with the research that takes place.

The industry as a whole has become something that takes place on a global scale and interacts with numerous different economies. The only inefficiency currently in the system is the distance between factories and research facilities which produces some non coherence between research projects the ability to produce agile results. The proposal moves these aspects onto the same landmass alongside the sales aspect of the industry. The result is a fully coherent industry that can both manufacture products as efficiently as possible whilst producing agile results that can respond to the public requirements in a way that would revolutionise the manufacturing and development process. Automobile Ire[Is]Land ensures that the Irish public are central to the industry in contrast to the existing industry which is often far removed from the public simply due to the global nature of itself.