In contrast to previous years, this project offered me the opportunity to take my concept into more depth and explore the inner workings and design of buildings. Over the course of this portfolio, I hope to show how I have built upon the design iterations and choices made in my previous portfolio and created a working model for a house and community project on Stretford Road, Manchester.

I began this creative process by looking at a macro-level and accessing how the project could influence not just the immediate neighbourhood but the wider vicinity as a whole. I hoped to create a supportive and inclusive social neighbourhood for different ages, abilities and ethnicities. Through focussing on what the community would benefit from, I was able to develop a detailed site strategy whilst still utilising my parti diagram and concept from my previous portfolio. I explored at a micro-level the construction methods, wall build-ups and how the buildings would be serviced.

At its heart, the project aims not only to help bring the community together but also act as a landmark and attract others to the area. Beyond the design and aesthetics of my project, I was intent upon utilising renewable and sustainable solutions, from solar panels and rainwater harvesting to PVC recycled cladding and productive green space. Throughout this design process, I have been focussing on creating individual moments and interactions for the client and users. I believe that this focus creates better designs and was a key attribute of my atelier PRAXXIS, which seeks to develop political and personal schemes. I aimed to bring a small practice's ideals of client-led design and smaller moments to a bigger project with wide-reaching influence and scope.