Rethinking the Housing Typologies and proposing a new High Street Strategy

The residential project consists of three housing types and a community hub in Trafford. The aim of the scheme is to create economically and socially appropriate spaces for living, reactivate local businesses and encourage social gatherings whilst ensuring equaty. A key feature to my project is the communal garden which strengthens the community as group of neighbors could organize, build and manage the garden. Social interaction is further encouraged by balconies and roof gardens which successfully combines co-housing and a private way of living. 

I am always aiming to implement sustainable approach in my projects. In my housing development I have used natural materials such as timber which is also exposed in the interior contributing to the mental wellbeing of the occupants by connecting them with the nature. 

The residents of the community could also benefit from a hub which is an art studio and community kitchen where people can exchange both drawing and cookery skills. By opening the hub to the wider community of Trafford, the cultural exchange will spread further which will reflect to the cultural diversity of the community. The new High Street strategy will encourage the development of micro businesses such as cafeterias, bakeries and small shops which will add to the social activities available to the community.