‘‘EXPERIENTIAL DINING EXPERIENCE’’ is a 360 Virtual Reality Dining Experience that allows diners to emerge themselves into a series of virtual stimulations within the 11 minutes film (Best viewed with a headset at 1080s HD). This dining experience demonstrates the effect of dining spaces and social environments on human psychology through the use of culinary art.

The project also highlighted the shifting culinary trends and change in human psychology due to the recent pandemic outbreak, especially when social distancing were encouraged. The virtual reality dining experience offered a platform for the diners to escape from the chaotic reality and emerge themselves into the extraordinary culinary experience. Besides that, the film also allows the diners to peek into the pyschological behaviour and personal thoughts of the narrator in order to fully understand the psycholgical effect brought by the virtual space.

The design thesis was divided into 4 books which demonstrated the in depth research, design concepts and design methodology behind the virtual reality dining experience, being:

1. A guide to Human Manipulation

2. A guide to Spatial Dining

3. The first ever cookbook for Experiential Dining Experience

4. BONUS: Recipe Booklet

My personal interest lies at investigating ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE that reflects the advancement in technology within the 20th century. I explore new form of architectural representation with the ability to provide innovative and unique experience for the users. I believe that a good design should be able to predict, respond and adjust dynamically to the current need and circumstances of the society.