From undergraduate to postgraduate, I have always been interested in the contradictions between ancient buildings and modern cities, especially religious spaces. But after this global epidemic, I tried to pay attention on the humanitarian architecture.

In studio A, our team succeed on how to revitalize an old declining town, Lagunillas of Malaga. The proposed development is a people centric approach that strives to create a healthy balance of the different group users. The proposal is sensitive with its people-centric approach and focusing on creating thriving communities but not just commercial gains. The cultural centre is proposed by me. The principle of this building is to reuse the façade and change the inside structure, which will implement a multifunctional place for people to gather around, watch show exhibition and the view of Lagunillas.

In Studio B&C and dissertation, I mostly concentrated on the spiritual space, such as scared space and urban cemetery. In the final design, The island of memorials, not only the social factors-pandemic, but also some personal reasons influenced the proposal. I hope to build a public monumental cemetery after the epidemic, not only to commemorate the people who passed away, but also to the people who survived. The place I wish it can become a space where both for us to trigger the precious memories and for the future generations to remember the catastrophe, COVID-19.