I have a keen interest in the future of the profession and how I can engage with the current changing construction landscape. The role of the Architect may shift in the near future and the adaptation of my skillset is something I look forward to. My Masters thesis provided me with the skills to engage with disruptive and emerging technologies, specifically digital design tools, which may provide efficiencies to empower the Architect in the near future.

I intend to apply the forward-thinking approach attained from my architectural education, in conjunction with my professional experience, to provide an aspirational, competent approach to my future work. I also aim to persue data-driven design and utilise computation as a tool to enhance and improve my architectural design workflow in the hopes to provide better-performing solutions, whilst simultaneously offering time and cost reductions for those around me.

My thesis project has been focused on the manipulation and mitigation of environmental noise stressors in an urban environment. However, it should not be the final building proposal that is the sole focus. It is the methodology, digital design tools, and computational processes that we developed and the application of those within a building system, that is the important aspect of this project. This is due to the fact that the system we developed is a skillset in itself that can be applied to projects in a professional environment, that I aim to continue to improve upon.