The Natural Landscape has been decimated by technological advances since the Mesolithic period. The programming of intensive agriculture into the rural has degraded our eco-systems that are imperative to sustain a global eco-system network. The present operating system of the agriculture industry requires a large quantity of nature's motherboard to operate. The output from the current rural format is sub-optimal. Outputs are transmitted directly to global markets and local market networks become fragmented from the food production process and require food to be imported into the economy from other global networks.

'Rural Reprogramming' aims to reprogramme The Landscape Motherboard into a more efficient rural operating system. Rural Reprogramming compresses the agriculture in to an ecologically beneficial and connected format that creates produce for local consumption. Agriculture becomes an Open-Source Environment that new and developing technologies can be plugged into, to create a more productive environment that requires a smaller amount of the rural operating system that works to its optimum. 

Semi-Open Source environments buffer the agricultural operating system and the ecological operating systems installed in to the new rural format. The Semi-Open Source landscape connects the rural towns and villages and creates opportunities for Eco-Tourism utilising the backdrop of the Ecological environments.

Closed Source environments operate in the background, evolving and adapting to ever-changing environments. Little or no human programming is prescribed to these areas. They will be sustained through succession. 

Rural Reprogramming will reformat the Rural Landscape into a more sustainable system of infrastructure that works for all of the systems that coexist within the rural scenario.