The Ethical High Street

‘It all began with a group of residents who had become tired and fed up with the changes happening in their neighbourhood. Residents had sat by for years having to watch their home Miles Platting be stripped apart. The community had lost its heart and it was time to find it again.

So along came the Miles Platting Community Network, a group representing residents across the neighbourhood. Members came together from across community groups; The Plodders, The Theatre Trippers and many more. There was room for everyone. The Miles Platting Community Network had a vision for the neighbourhood. One which would see the community come together to create something for everyone.

But to do this they needed some help. That’s where I came along. I wanted to help the community create something born out of ethics. Something that would cater for everyone and exclude no one. Time after time residents had seen local amenities disappear in front of their eyes. It was time to restore these loses back to the Miles Platting community. So along came ‘The Ethical High Street,’ created through combining an ethical approach to practice with a progressive and participative method of design.’

The thesis project described above was informed by my involvement with the Action Research Group. The group was created with the aim of utilizing student’s skills, knowledge and practical abilities to help facilitate community initiatives across Manchester. Through my work with the Action Research Group I was given the unique opportunity to undertake live participative research with The Miles Platting Community Network which in turn helped inform my final thesis project.