Firstly, please view my work via the Website link here. This will allow you to view the drawings as animations.

My thesis project is focused around gaining a better understanding of how technology is affecting the way we perceive the world around us. The final outputs present a future scenario where Blackburn has been transformed into a virtual oasis where people experience their virtual interests in a spatial way in daily life which may happen due to society's value shift towards image over "real" experience. Situating this project in Blackburn allowed me to control the image of the town for the better. It does this by working towards a new unified community where individuality is celebrated in physical space as it is in the virtual world whilst presenting a new version of the town to the UKs media which has a huge part of society's perception of place. I explored a range of different social issues through a series of art projects and used theories from philosphers such as Guy Debord and Michel Foucault as well has predictions from technologichal futurists such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jaron Lanier.

My other work at Manchester School of Architecture has focussed on a range of more grounded topics. My dissertation manifested itself as an analysis of the home cultures in the UK and Japan and how the differences between the two cultures respond to flexibility. Graphic anthropology played a role within the case studies completed in this body of research. I have also designed multiple social housing schemes with a focus on engaging with older communities in Manchester.

I am currently looking for a part 2 architectural assistant position and would be interested in any vacancies. Thank you for reading.

Animated Drawings