As I progressed throughout my 3 years of being an undergraduate student at MSA, I have come to realise that just from the degree architecture comes to offer, it opens up many opportunities and privileges unlike any other course. It has become something that I started to appreciate the more I know about architecture and become exposed to it.

Aspiring to be an architect was a years long dream of mine, and every day, week and month, this dream has become closer, and that in itself became an inspiration to behold and work even harder.

During my final year study in the PRAXXIS atelier, I focused my work on studying communities and creating better architecture for them. A field that I started to love and gain genuine interest towards thanks to the open and feminist approach PRAXXIS has shown us. A specific group in the communities that I was interested in was the 65+ years old age group. As the site we studied for our project was based in the Old Trafford area, from the interviews that I have done, I have come to notice that many of the older people living there felt detached from the community because they were too old or felt not relatable to the younger generations living there. Their detachment left them becoming locals but not part of a community.

This project aims to change that.

This project tries to create a micro community that brings the older people together and make them feel relevant and welcome. A project that want to make them believe that they are not alone and the micro community they have is in itself a non-replaceable part of the wider community in the area. A project where the older people are just as appreciated.