The concept of the design is to dry the dock and repurpose it as a public courtyard at the center of a public hub and a new naval museum in an effort to bring cultural attractions back to Pomona Island. Leaving the 140-year-old dock walls untouched, the galleries will be placed below ground and arranged in a continuous loop around the dry dock walls - making the dock the centerpiece of the exhibition and an open, outdoor area where visitors experience the scale of it. The hub’s underground galleries will present the story of Manchester’s maritime history up to the present day through a variety of exhibition spaces. Furthermore, three bridges will be added in the dock and will span across the 140-year-old walls. Those bridges will serve both as an urban connection, as well as providing visitors with short-cuts to different sections of the museum. Additionally, the bridges will unite the old with the new as the visitors will descend into the museum space overlooking the majestic surroundings above and below the ground.