Vikram Kaushal studied in Britain, at the Manchester School of Architecture. He founded Logan & Wilcox in the summer of 1999, a community arts and cultural consultancy, carrying out work on the 'Every Child Matters Agenda’, the 'Ritchie' report on the causes and effects of the Oldham riots, the development of the Connexion service and documentaries for channel 4 and the BBC.

Most recently Vikram Kaushal has been involved in 4 major programmes. They include a regional study on creative cities and creative urban milieu; the development of the ‘the economy of ideas’; the viability, vitality of cities and currently leading an investigation in too the process of urban renewal and the formation of the 'post cultural city’.

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Conference Papers

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Other Outputs

Huneck, KS., Kaushal, VK., Connor, DC., Sobell, BS., 2016. '"Berlin Workshop" at ANCB Network Campus Berlin'.