Tom Jefferies is Professor and Head of Manchester School of Architecture, a joint School of the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester, joining the School from his previous post as Professor: Head of Birmingham School of Architecture. He is a qualified architect and consultant urban designer and a panel member of PlacesMatter! North West England's design review panel. His design work has been recognised through international prizewinning competitions.

His research critically investigates the relationship between culture, space, landscape process, heritage and sustainability to propose new forms of contemporary urbanism. His expertise in architecture, urban design, landscape, master planning and design codes, architectural history, theory and context, sustainability and conservation is a basis for developing symbiotic relationships between research and inter-disciplinary practice.

Built environment projects have been supported by grants pioneering approaches in problem based cross-disciplinary work, developing architecture as a critical practice. This has involved placing professional activity within a wider cultural framework recognising the overlap between theory, academic concerns and production.



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Book Chapters

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Internet Publications

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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Other Outputs

Jefferies, T., Maccreanor Lavington, Rotterdam et al, 2009. 'Stoke Town Masterplan International Design Competition (Second Place)'.

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