A Lecturer in Architecture and Researcher at CPU Lab. Interested in the prospect of using digital tools to understand and model the development of cities. With the use of complexity theory as a guide and data as fuel, constantly seeking to reach an informed state that allows for the accurate use of positive design interventions to enhance the natural progression of the urban realm. PhD research topic includes ‘Combining market led economic modelling and urban spatial modelling’.


Research Interests

Computational design, Agent-based modelling, Simulative urban models, Design tools, Urban modelling, spatial tools for analysis.

Conference Papers

Solomou, S., Sengupta, U., Oredein, O., Hyde, RJ., 2018. 'A Strategic Planning Problem: Examining the unpredictability of urban transformation based on the changing temporal order of planned projects', 16th meeting of the AESOP Planning & Complexity group. Theme: Adaptive Planning for Spatial Transformation, Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, 23/5/2018 - 25/5/2018.

Zigure, S., Solomou, S., Sengupta, U., 2018. 'Developing Scenarios for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) enabled sustainable future cities', AUM 2018, The University of Cambridge, 27/6/2018 - 29/6/2018.