My career has consistently reflected overlapping interests in architecture, arts, and technological innovation. I undertook doctoral studies to conduct scholarly research about a creative practice enquiry in architecture. My PhD research, titled ‘Liquid Architecture: Experimental Practices of Design in a State of Flux’, was concerned with fluid infrastructures, analogue computation, and the architectural potential of liquids. Questioning the Vitruvian principle of ‘firmitas’ my study engaged with complex challenges and emerging technologies (bioreactors and other ‘wet systems’) reformulated via iterative representations and architectural prototypes. Throughout my doctorate, I engaged in several collaborative research projects with faculty at Newcastle University and beyond, yielding multiple collaborations and participation in architecture exhibitions and biennales. Among them, as a Lead Designer for the Living Architecture (LIAR) project, I had the opportunity to work on design practices, reflecting an interest in how architectural knowledge changes in the face of ongoing economic and climatic shifts. I was awarded a joint scholarship by the European Space Agency and Agenzia Spaziale Italiana to attend the Space Studies Program in 2022. Here, as the only architect in a cohort of 107 participants, I had the unique opportunity to challenge a) the conditions under which ecological principles can be incorporated into engineering solutions and space-based design, b) the impacts of architectural design shifts at a time characterised by climate changes, and c) the universal dimensions of architecture. I am currently engaged in several design projects stemming from my expanded network at the International Space University—where architecture profiles are still a minority—developing productively disruptive research for the next generation of space architecture.