Karsten was born in Chile and grew up in Germany where he also graduated with a Diploma in Architecture from the Technische Universität in Darmstadt. He is a qualified architect and joiner.

During his studies he became the assistant of Artist Ottmar Hoerl whose work focuses on public space.

Since graduating Karsten has been a partner of the OSA, Office for Subversive Architecture, a network for spatial experimentation which is dedicated to push the boundaries of common practice in architecture and develop projects that sit between art and architecture.

In 2001 Karsten moved to London where he worked as an architect at Foster and Partners.

Since 2001 Karsten and his colleague Bernd Truempler worked as the UK based branch of OSA and have consistently created spatial works of local and international significance.

In 2009 they were runners up of UK's prestigious Young Architects of the Year Award (YAYA), gaining the first ever special commendation.

In 2010 Karsten and Bernd set up their practice KHBT which operates from London and Berlin.

Before joining the Manchester School of Architecture Karsten was an Associate Professor at the ESA, Ecole Special d'Architecture in Paris where he led a design Atelier.

He has been invited to lecture internationally including the Museum for Modern Art in Warsaw, the Surface Show in London, the British Council in Moscow, the Goethe Institute in NY and the European Cultural Capital Guimarães.

Prizes and awards

BD Young Architect of the Year Award 2009
Special Commendation

AJ Small Projects Award 2012
osa Merzen, CUBE Gallery Manchester




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