Jason has a passion for emerging technology, making and transdisciplinary design which has fuelled his praxis as an academic working in higher education for the past 10 years. Jason is currently the Architectural Digital Design (ADD) Lead for MSA, developing school-wide digital strategy and overseeing all digital infrastructure including CAD Labs, Software Licencing, and core digital teaching strategies.

Jason has previously held a lectureship (3 years) at Birmingham City University as the school's Digital Design Coordinator and at Ravensbourne University (5 years) in London as the lead Prototyping Workshop Technical tutor, teaching both architectural software and modelmaking techniques.

As an Architectural Digital Generalist, Jason has in-depth specialist knowledge in all areas of architectural digital literacy, including:

  • Rendering, Visualisation & Post-Production
  • Animation & Cinematography
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • 3D Scanning / Photogrammetry / LiDAR / Data Capture
  • 3D Modelling (NURBS / Mesh / Poly / Sculpting)
  • Graphic Design (Visual Hierarchy, Typography, Colour Theory & Branding)
  • Computational Design & Coding (Python & C#)
  • Simulation & Environmental Modelling
  • Artificial Intelligence within Design
  • VR, AR & MR
  • UI & UX Design
  • Digital Fabrication (3D Printing, CNC, Laser / Waterjet Cutting, Dye Sublimation Printing, Casting, Metal work)

As an ECR (Early Career Researcher), Jason is currently working towards obtaining his PHD and publishing book chapters. Key previous research projects include:

  • Virtual Reality as a Design Tool - Innovation Grant Funded.
    Birmingham City University - 2018
  • Robotics in Architecture and the Internet of Things - Innovation Grant Funded
    Birmingham City University - 2020
  • OurOwnSkin - Innovate UK Funding
    Research Assistant - Ravensbourne University - 2017

Outside of Academia, Jason has worked with numerous architectural practices, including Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster & Partners, RSHP, Desitecture, Alan Philips Architects and Lovely Creative. Jason has also worked with many non architectural practices including Johnson Banks, Versace, The Alternative Limb Project, Audi & Wagamama.

Jasons transdisciplinary approach to design has enabled him to successfully work across architecture, product & fashion disciplines, resulting in global exhibitions, publications and conferences.

Academic and professional qualifications

SFHEA - Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

PGCE-HE - Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education

FRSA - Fellow Royal Society of Arts

APA - Academic Professional Apprenticeship

SEDA - Introduction to Teaching & Learning

MSc - Applied Technologies & Rapid Prototyping

BA (Hons) - Interior Design Environment Architecture

A2 CofC & GVC - Commercial Drone Pilot