Jim Backhouse is the Senior Technician at the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop at Manchester School of Architecture. Jim has been a longstanding contributor to architectural education at Manchester having been leading and consulting projects at the B.15 workshop since 1994. Prior to starting work with the University Jim obtained a degree in 3D Design: Wood, Metal and Ceramics from Manchester Polytechnic in 1991 and has worked across a variety of trades within the construction industry. Since graduating he has had design work published in Design International Magazine and Ceramics Review.

Published Work

Lucas, R., Miller, S & Backhouse, J. 2019. “Dwelling Perspectives and Practices of Making in Architectural Modelmaking” in Hallam, E. (Ed.). 3D Modelling: Bodies and Buildings in Anthropology, Anatomy and Architecture. London: Routledge, January 2021. 

Technical Consultant – Dunn, N 2013 Architectural Modelmaking, Second Edition.

Exhibitions, Media and Events

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2016 - B.15: ARCHITYPES 2016 – Present. 

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2017 - Atelier La Juntana: A Modelmaking Summer School, Grosvenor Gallery 5/12/17. 

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2014 B.15:45 Architectural Modelmaking Exhibition 2014-2016.

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2015 - Modelmaking in the Digital Age Symposium, Manchester, 09/03/2015.