Emily is an architect and urban designer with a desire to involve as many people as possible in the design of cities, neighbourhoods, buildings and spaces. Emily is currently the Foundation Year Lead and MSA LIVE Lead. She has previously been BA1 Leader and also helped develop a feminist pedagogy as part of the PRAXXIS atelier teaching team where she led BA3 and taught in M.Arch. 

Leading Foundation, Emily focusses on understanding students’ previous experience of ‘space’ and architecture, as well as their own individual outlook on the world trying to embody the idea that Architecture is for Everybody. The ambition for the foundation year is to address the chronic problem of under representation in the discipline of architecture and to provide a welcoming and encouraging learning environment which actively contributes to the MSA community. 

In collaboration with The Proud Trust, Emily has been researching the Manchester LGBT+ Centre’s heritage and design for the last ten years, and regularly leads a walking tour uncovering how Manchester became the first city to entirely public fund and build an LGBT+ Centre. She contributed to The Proud Trust’s Building’s Re-Building Board as an expert advisor on design and participation and will continue to document, research and study the re-built centre. This forms part of a wider study on LGBT+ Community Space in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Previously Emily was the project coordinator on the ‘Ambition for Ageing’ research project which aims to understand how age-friendly neighbourhoods in Manchester are now, and how to make them better in the future. The research involved using innovative engagement methods, working closely with residents and organisations. She also has experience working in a range of practices. At URBED, an urban design cooperative, she worked on small-scale community buildings as well as large residential masterplans coordinating urban design and public engagement in neighbourhoods all over the UK.

She is interested in looking at the city in unexpected and unusual ways and is always interested in the other side of the story. She curates a project known as the Library of Engagements which aims to create an individualised archive of methods of engagement concerning spaces, buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

"Come talk to me about engagement, feminism, teaching, queerness, beautiful shadow gaps, participation, othering, really good stairs, mapping, that female architect you’ve forgotten the name of, community buildings, LGBT+ spaces and identities or whatever else you are interested in!"



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