Dan Dubowitz is Reader in Architecture and the International Lead for Manchester School of Architecture . He heads up he FLUX Atelier and is co-chair of the schools expert panel which delivers the ‘Provocations’ series, inspirations talks, Atelier nights, and the salons programme.

Trained as an architect, Dan worked for architectural and design practices in London and Hong Kong before joining Peter Eisenman Architects in New York. In 1996 he established the Masters in Advanced Architectural Design programme at Strathclyde University with Per Kartvedt and started the design practice, Heisenberg Collaborative Arts in Glasgow with Matt Baker.

In 2003 Dan set up the design practice, Civic Works Ltd, to deliver Cultural Masterplans for post-industrial areas in decline from Glasgow (Gorbals), and Manchester (Ancoats) to London (Nine Elms). From 2003-14 the Civic Works  offered those charged with the regeneration of inner cities a novel masterplanning framework to better engage communities and effect a transformation of identity.

In tandem with his urbanism research-practice, Dan undertakes visual research projects, recent monographs include 'Fascimo Abbandonato' (pub. Dewi Lewis), 'Wastelands' (pub. Dewi Lewis), 'The Peeps' (pub. MUP) and 'Citizen Manchester' (pub. MUP). The forthcoming book ‘Instruments of Perpetual Revolution’ centres on a visual essay of the work of Avant-garde constructivist architect, Stefan Sebök. My next photographic series are an investigation of delusions of grandeur in city-making: 1929-2029: ‘The Masterplan’.

Dubowitz’s current research area, ‘Collaborative Urbanism’, is primarily concerned with how tomorrows cities could grow out of the cities we live and work in today: prototyping novel methods for professional charged with the transformation of a neighbourhood to meaningfully engage its citizens. We need to find a different ways of doing things…..

PhD Supervision Interests
Urbanism, alternative methods for city-making, meaningfully engaging citizens in transformation projects, prototyping, action-research, visual research.



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