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This research focuses on the proposed Victoria North urban regeneration project in the neighbourhood of Collyhurst, North Manchester. The aim of this project is to organise a series of resident-led co-design workshops focusing on the design of social housing and green spaces in the new Victoria North area. Research builds on an existing interdisciplinary and collaborative network, including; regeneration stakeholders (Manchester City Council Strategic Development and Far East Consortium), residents, social housing providers (Northwards Housing) and age-friendly advocates (the Older People’s Board), which was developed through a previous MICRA Seedcorn award.

From a policy perspective, the development of age-friendly communities coincides with new strains affecting community life, notably those associated with widening inequalities within and between cities, and polarisation between social groups.

To date, there has been limited academic research into the experiences of people ageing in areas affected by environmental pressures linked to urban change and deprivation. Further, there is a limited agreement of, or understanding about, what makes an age-friendly or supportive environment for the growing number of people ‘ageing in place’. This project engages with residents as co-researchers, and make recommendations on how the Victoria North project should cater to the needs of all generations in relation to housing design and urban regeneration.

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Camilla Lewis, Sophie Yarker, Luciana Lang, Niamh Kavanagh, Christopher Phillipson


Far East Consortium, Manchester City Council


Manchester Institute of Collaborative Research on Ageing (University of Manchester)

Research Outputs


Lang, L., Lewis, C., Yarker, S., Hammond, M., Phillipson, C., 2024. 'Growing Older in Collyhurst: How can social infrastructure be used to support an Age-Friendly Victoria North', Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA).

Lewis, C., Hammond, M., Kavanagh, N., Phillipson, C., Yarker, S., 2020. 'Developing age-friendly communities in the Northern Gateway regeneration project'.

Journal Articles

Lewis, C., Yarker, S., Hammond, M., Kavanagh, N., Phillipson, C., 2022. '"Ageing in place" and urban regeneration: analysing the role of social infrastructure', Urban Planning, 7 (4).

Project Staff

Dr Mark Hammond
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