Spatial Analysis

Through studies for the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, Southway Housing Trust, the Data Mapping Cornwall project, and the Age Friendly Cities project, Stockport Council approached the PHASE (Place, Health, Architecture, Space, Environment) research group at MSA to explore how existing data held about the borough might be re-evaluated to make insights for improving local services and informing urban planning activities and decision making, including the Local Development Plan for the area.

Stockport Council were eager to cross-reference data and understand its impact and application for spatial planning and service provision. Current methods of planning involve analysis of data which exists in tabular and graphical form, collated as part of an inward facing report for the distribution amongst collaborators and stakeholders. Stockport wished to make this data more accessible to its residents, demonstrate its meaning for lived-experience, and track changes in the data to enable trends and patterns to be forecasted in relation to spatial planning. Together with Stockport, a research team within the MSA will develop a platform that will provide the Council with a live data source, visualised in context to enable critical analysis and planning application. Visual representation of the data will be used to engage with residents and other Councils within Greater Manchester so that collective approaches can be developed to improve services and positively impact lived-experience for residents.

The project will commence in Summer 2019, lasting 6 months as an initial phase from which to build a robust strategy for partnership and knowledge exchange in order to embed spatial analysis and data mapping techniques as a critical aspect of effective urban planning and development.

Project Details


Coucill, L; Hammond, M; Jefferies, T; White, S


Stockport Council

Project Start Date

July 2019


Stockport Council


Stockport Council

Project Staff

Dr Mark Hammond
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Professor Stefan White
Professor Stefan White Professor of Architecture View profile