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This research centred upon the office of Lancashire County Architect's Department under the direction of Roger Booth, County Architect 1962-83. It began with fieldwork and photographic surveys and was developed through presenting at the SAHGB symposium 2016. Following the symposium a full journal article for the Journal of the Twentieth Century Society was written and published in 2018. I worked closely with Roger Booth's family and former colleagues.

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Richard Brook

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Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Brook, R., 2018. 'Roger Booth, Lancashire County Architect, 1962-83.', The Journal of the Twentieth Century Society (C20), 13, pp. 130-145.

Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

Brook, R., 2012. 'Police Brutality', The Modernist, 4, pp. 12-15.


Brook, R., 2016. 'Roger Booth. Lancashire County Architect, 1962-83.', Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Annual Symposium, RIBA, Portland Place, London, 21 May 2016.

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