William Horn recently completed his Part 3 with MSA. He joined the School as an MArch student in 2018 and currently works as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant at AHR architects in Manchester. Here he tells us about his experiences on the Part 3 course.

The MSA Part 3 course provides a clearly defined pathway from Part 2 practice to Part 3 completion and offers a refreshing and comprehensive look at the wide variety of topics that cover the architectural profession. Along the way I had the opportunity to learn not just from architects, but other practicing professionals including engineers, planners, and consultants, who were all able to share their experiences in a clear and engaging way.

The course offers a programme whereby each student is assigned a mentor who provides feedback on our Project Study and overall progress during the course. This professional perspective was invaluable, it helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and allowed me to develop my work in a more critical and reflective way.

The setting of the course and cohort created a high level of productivity and engagement. There was always an opportunity to ask questions and the lecturers were always happy to respond in a helpful manner which made the material easier to digest. I would also commend the course's collaborative ethos which allowed for lecturers and students to converse over current topics, creating a supportive and stimulating learning experience.

I am confident that the MSA’s new Part 3 course will continue to provide its students with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, and I recommend it to anyone who is considering taking this path.