Being a student at Manchester School of Architecture gives you the unique advantage of studying at two of Manchester's universities, we profit from access to an unparalleled number of workshops, libraries and studios across both campuses, and benefit from superior tuition and facilities as part of Manchester School of Art and Manchester Architecture Research Group. Belonging to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University places before us an unrivalled amount of opportunity to be involved in university life.

As a student at MSA you are exposed to the reality of architecture in all of its aspects, and you become motivated by tutors to distinguish yourself to develop a personal stance on architecture through the atelier system, finding your own approach to architecture from the wealth of sources available to you. The diversity of the architecture in the city on your doorstep is a constant feed of information of all kinds, and the rate of change in the city is constantly raising debate and new possibilities as a constantly evolving source of inspiration.

Being an MSA student has introduced me to innumerable opportunities to adopt new skills by virtue of the abundance of studios, workshops and libraries available to us across the two universities and Manchester School of Art. You can become expert in various diverse fields and practices and use those competences to supplement your own architectural projects. The design briefs encourage us to consider realistic situations and contemporary practice in order to develop personal and sophisticated responses alongside our own research interests and design ethos; there is no prescribed house style to adhere to as the individual and the collective approach are equally highly valued at MSA.

Living and studying in Manchester places you in the centre of one of the world's most charged cities, on one hand a culturally vibrant and cosmopolitan city, which you can never tire of, and on the other an architecturally thriving city, contributing a constant source of architectural and construction knowledge at which the Manchester School of Architecture is at the heart.