Why did you choose to study at Manchester School of Architecture?
I wanted to extend my professional knowledge in an environment which allows me to stretch my skills.  At Manchester School of Architecture, I am able to undertake challenges and tasks in a competitive environment which helps me truly understand the value of professional practice.

Why did you choose this particular area of study?
I focused on Interior Design in my previous studies, however I felt there was more to grasp in terms of planning, knowledge and thinking outside of the box. This course is expanding my knowledge in the right direction and will make me a much more successful Interior Designer in the future.

What was your education history prior to postgraduate study?
I studied BA Hons Interior Design. As a student, I tried to arrange as much work experience as possible to discover more about this field.  I was lucky enough to gain experience from a TV Production with the BBC, which I now link with the work I am producing for MA Architecture and Urbanism.

What made you decide to continue with postgraduate study?
I am very keen to progress my career and want to be in the best position for the future; I believe postgraduate study can help me achieve this. I felt there were areas I had not yet explored during my degree and believe postgraduate study is where I can find it.

What aspects of the course do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the free choice of the subjects as well as the approach we are taking on each project. We are encouraged to bring our own experience and views into the studio, helping us to explore the areas in which we are interested, whilst discovering others’ views and opinions.

What do you think of the facilities available to postgraduate students at the School of Art?
I believe the facilities here are just enough. In each project there is an opportunity for us to present to others, as well as relate the project to a real life practice.

How do you find the levels of teaching support you receive?
The support during our studio sessions is always there. We discuss our work and introduce it to everyone in the class, encouraging each other to do better as well as taking criticism from guest speakers.

Does your course involve any placement opportunities? If so, what have you taken from this experience?
This course does not involve placement opportunities as such, however in all of our projects we are researching and so are in contact with many professionals within the field.

How do you find balancing postgraduate study with other commitments?
My postgraduate studying involves two days of studio work, which includes communicating with tutors and other students in a working environment. The rest of my week is self-directed which makes it easy to balance studying with other commitments and allows me to develop my time management skills.

How do you feel your qualification will enhance your career?
My knowledge of the environment is much better, I have also gained a lot of background knowledge of the areas within Design I am interested in. I believe this will enhance my projects which will than enhance my interview technique and ability to find a job in the field which I am so keen on.

Would you recommend students to complete a postgraduate qualification at Manchester School of Architecture?
If there is anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge or is unsure about the future work, I will advise them to proceed with their postgraduate studies. Based on my experience I have realised more than ever about how driven I am and how inspiring and productive these studies are. My work has improved much more, and this is based on my own initiative and motivation.

If you could sum up Manchester School of Architecture in three words, what would they be?
Creative, Competitive and Opportunity.

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