The decision of becoming a landscape architect began a few years ago when I had the opportunity to be in charge of the landscape design of a large area to be used as a public and recreational space. The design was well received by the client and from that, I began to research more about landscape and became completely fascinated by it. I soon realised that Landscape Architecture redefines the concept of nature through a human approach as it also opens up the possibility of creating a space where people and nature can cope together and create a multilayered structure.

Having done my BA in Architecture, it enabled me to engage my design skills through a landscape’s vision and soon, I realised that I needed to fully commit myself into the profession. The MA Landscape Architecture programme at Manchester School of Architecture represented the opportunity for becoming a professional landscape architect as the course is considered as one of most respected in the UK. What interested me the most was how the programme emphasises on landscape architecture as a dynamic profession as it also encourages students to develop a progressive and reflective understanding of the subject.

The course is comprehended by a group of modules that helped me to develop a critical knowledge as a preparation for my future as a landscape architect. These modules were quite keen to develop an understanding of vegetation structures, their aspects and complexity; the modules were also keen to develop a knowledge about relevant issues of the profession such as the Pathway to Chartership. Furthermore, the main module of the course is the Design Development which is the core of the programme as this is where all the collective and individual inputs were debated in order to adopt a theoretical base which eventually led me  to my future design.

Personally, the course has been a very challenging experience as I have had the opportunity of pushing my limits as a designer by questioning myself about every aspect of my design. It has made me reflect on its every aspect as well as it has enlarged my view about issues that are intrinsically linked to landscape architecture. In addition, I have had the support of my tutors all the way through this experience which  has encouraged me to reflect and sometimes, to question about my project.

Finally, I highly encourage to all those who are interested in pursuing a career in design to consider Landscape Architecture not only as a profession that integrates design and creativity with an ecologic scientific base but also as a profession that pushes forward for biodiversity and an ecologic balance between humans and nature.

Work by Alejandra Caro