Why did you choose to study at Manchester School of Architecture?
After taking a year out post my undergraduate studies in Architecture I chose to continue my career at the Manchester School of Architecture, part of Manchester School of Art due to the School sitting in between 2 academic institutions : Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester. This meant for me that the course would benefit from a larger expertise within the Masters degree, both from a research and practical point of view.

Why did you choose this particular area of study?
I believe Architecture plays a great role within built environment, trying to find solutions for global problems and how they could be adapted at a local level, connecting the economic, cultural, social and environmental aspects of the urban fabric. Furthermore, the degree itself exposes students to a variety of academic and practical fields and potential pathways and gateways towards a career.

What was your education history prior to postgraduate study?
Prior to postgraduate study I have done a year out in practice, working for a medium sized architectural practice in Giuldford. I have completed my undergraduate qualification at University of Portsmouth.

What made you decide to continue with postgraduate study?
As part of my chosen professional path I am required to complete 3 part RIBA qualifications and 2 years of work placement in order to register as a qualified architect. Manchester School of Architecture offers the award of an RIBA Part 2 accredited degree with the completion of the MArch (Master of Architecture) course.

What aspects of the course do you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed the opportunities to work with undergraduate students and local communities which I find crucial at this stage of my architectural development.

What do you think of the facilities available to postgraduate students at the School of Architecture?
I think the facilities are excellent in terms of workshops and studio spaces designated for students of Architecture.

How do you find the levels of teaching support you receive?
I believe the staff is a good mix of both academic institutions which then further allows for connections and links to other research academics within different departments and faculties.

Does your course involve any placement opportunities? If so, what have you taken from this experience?
No but it would be beneficial if these were available as summer placements in-between the 2 years.

How do you find balancing postgraduate study with other commitments?
I have found it well it has given me the opportunity to get involved in working as a Research Assistant at the School of Architecture as well as provided me with good social contacts both within the industry and the RIBA. I have subsequently become the student voice and hold the student seat on RIBA Council.

How do you feel your qualification will enhance your career?
I believe the qualification has provided me with some interesting perspectives on architecture and good opportunities for networking and contacts that would help me process to practical realisation.

Would you recommend students to complete a postgraduate qualification at Manchester School of Architecture?
Yes I would advise it specifically to students with an orientation towards research.

If you could sum up Manchester School of Architecture in three words, what would they be?
Research, Connect and Dream.

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