As the trend of globalization enhances cultural exchange, the diversity in cities and the complexity of social structures steadily increases. The built environment is faced with more challenges and demands than ever before. This raises the question: how do we create an Equal City?

An equal city is one that embraces cultural diversity, respects all walks of life, and cares for those who are disadvantaged. There must be a sharing of resources, amenities and materials in an equitable manner that benefits all; this transcends mere human interaction. In addition to celebrating our own differences, we must thrive alongside our surrounding eco-systems and other living beings. The built environment plays a key role in facilitating this harmonious co-existence. How can designers, planners and policy makers employ egalitarian principles in the urban environment? What is the point of view of the academics molding the upcoming generation?

This symposium proposes to discuss how those within the field of architecture and urbanism can ensure equality through legislation, policy and design, as well as exploring the extent to which equality is present in the urban environment today. Our guest speakers come from a variety of specialisms, each bringing their own expertise on a range of subtopics within the theme of the Equal City. Their perspectives and experiences will contribute to an informative and enlightening day, leaving attendees with newfound knowledge that can be applied to their own work, herefore contributing to a future of collective co-existence.


  • Dr Chathu Jayakody (The University of Manchester)
  • Emily Crompton (Manchester School of Architecture)
  • Ste Garlick (URBED)
  • Andy Avery (Buttress Architects)
  • Dominic Sagar (Manchester School of Architecture)
  • Eddy Fox (Manchester School of Architecture)
  • Macdara O'Nidh (LDA Design)
  • Dr Julia Udall (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Sally Stone (Manchester School of Architecture)
  • Holly Lewis (We Made That)

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