The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) programme at the Manchester School of Architecture is an internationally leading post-graduate programme, accredited by the UK Landscape Institute and jointly delivered by Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. This year, the MLA programme witnessed significant growth, with the student body expanding to a total of 68 students across both years 1 and 2. This expansion has re-invigorated our community, fostering an environment of international diversity and collaboration in design, pedagogy, and research. Each student brings their own unique perspective and expertise to the table, enriching not only the educational experience but also the broader intellectual discourse within the programme. The exchange of ideas among our vibrant student body has been instrumental in cultivating a dynamic learning environment, where innovation thrives, and boundaries are continually pushed. Furthermore, this year marked the addition of new academic staff members to our team. These individuals have brought with them a wealth of experience and fresh insights, further elevating the calibre of our research-led teaching. Their expertise spans a range of disciplines within landscape architecture, expanding our already comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to education.

MLA Year 1 delivers a transformative education in key skills central to landscape architecture and is aimed at those changing careers or joining from cognate disciplines: this year, our students explored the breadth and depth of landscape architecture, and cultivated a nuanced understanding of the intricate interplay between theory, technology, and practice. This foundational journey has equipped them with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities inherent in the field.

MLA Year 2 provides a space to pursue rigorous professional development and critical intellectual inquiries that challenge the state of affairs in landscape architecture. This year students embarked on an immersive journey within our distinctive MSA ateliers: Continuity, Infrastructure Space, and Some Kind of Nature, resulting in a diverse range of creative design-research driven approaches and solutions. MLA2 students also participated in one of five Research Methods Workshops (RMWs), where they explored a variety of research methodologies in-depth, led by leading academics. As a year-long intensive programme, students will continue throughout the summer to develop their chosen research projects in depth, and develop robust, informed dissertations and professional development plans that allow them to attain key positions in landscape architectural practice, planning, academia, policy-making, and other related fields. The programme team would like to express a sincere thank you to colleagues and contributors within the MSA, to external critics and collaborators, and to those who gave their time to the MLA this academic year. Your contributions continuously enrich our programme and play a vital role in supporting the success of our students.