Public Changing Room

While the hidden old environment along River Medlock in Mayfield has positive, some areas remain inaccessible to public. There is a great opportunity to connect the city to riversides in better ways under Mayfield’s urban regeneration scheme.

Thesis question: How could re-introduce the river in Mayfield to public and embrace the value of water?

Aiming to transform Mayfield and build the relationship between citizens, river, and city, this project seeks for creating a series of public changing rooms with different scale and purposes for public taking the water, which will cross a series of 5 timescales in the 25-year timeframe.

Stage I: Improving the water;

Stage II: Getting close to the water

Stage III: Drinking the water

Stage IV: Swimming in the water

Stage V: Celebrating the water

The ulitimate vision of this story makes whole Mayfield echo with Ancient Roman Bath Town where bathers wearing the bathrobe act as choreographic objects, meet ordinary pedestrians and walk on specific wooden route to participate in water rituals.