Starrt Harbour 2035 - An Unfolding Blue Oasis: Creating Water Trade Complex and Innovation Park through a Naturalised Riparian Expansion

What makes good architecture?

Neither you or I know;

But when hearts are flipped for it,

Just know it is the upwelling of life.

As an ambitious, hard-working Architecture and Urbanism postgraduate student at Manchester School of Architecture, I can make a positive impact on various architectural design processes including site research, design, infrastructure, and construction details.

I am particularly interested in skyscrapers and sustainable urban public space design. My design studio in MSA is Hydro city: Delta Urbanism, which is about sustainable urban design in the face of future flood risk in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Through the ecological expansion of the riverbanks, an urban complex and innovation park orientated towards waterborne trade is planned for Starrt Harbour. 

The multi-storey green skeleton, which places the freight yards and the manufacturing industry on the ground and surface levels, continues the original logistical and transport functions of Dordrecht. It also returns sunlight, green space and fresh air to the public, breaking down the barriers between the industrial silos and the community and increasing the attractiveness of Starrt Harbour, providing a more efficient infrastructure for the waterborne trade and a pedestrian-friendly waterfront space.