A Discussion on Cultural Equality in Architectural Design

I am currently studying as a Part 2 student at Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) located in Manchester, UK. Throughout my involvement in the &Architecture atelier, my focus has gravitated towards the captivating realm of contextualism. I am particularly intrigued by the preservation of existing spaces' inherent character while seamlessly integrating modern elements that harmonize with their surroundings. Moreover, I am deeply passionate about viewing sustainability as a fundamental catalyst for creating environmentally conscious architecture, which can have a profound and enduring positive impact on communities and cities at large. In my perspective, every architectural creation should be practical, visually appealing, and equally accessible to all potential users.

In addition to my appreciation for contextualism and sustainability, I hold a strong admiration for the art of hand-sketching and physical model-making. These creative techniques serve as invaluable tools in generating initial design concepts and subsequently driving the iterative evolution of projects. Alongside these traditional methods, I have honed my skills in software applications such as Rhino and Grasshopper, which I proficiently utilize in my ongoing graduation project.