It was the most correct decision I made to study architecture without hesitation. Everything in architecture has enriched my life. This diverse and complex subject contains a lot of interdisciplinary content, which allows me to explore various things in the world and keep my passionate curiosity about the world.

Project description:

The Itinerant City is a narrative design that takes a perspective from street performers and incorporates elements of romanticism. It explores the history and controversies surrounding street performance as a form of intangible cultural heritage, as well as the means of cultural continuity in urban spaces, how to view the city from the past to the present, and how to move into the future. It reveals the relationship between street performers, who are active in urban public spaces, and society and urban spaces themselves.

Through narrative spatial construction, the project creates a journey that provides street performers with ways to interact with urban public spaces. In Studio 1 and Studio 2, I used the lens of street performers to analyze and deconstruct the dilemmas faced by urban space managers and the relationship between urban spaces and users. These explorations provide theoretical support for the overall design of the project.

I have creatively integrated these research and thoughts into a virtual book, using fictional characters to better express theoretical discussions and design explorations in a narrative manner. In the extended part of the book, I have further designed a building within the journey that provides service-oriented residential facilities for street performers while adding depth to the project.


Thanks to all the tutors in my fabulous atelier CiA, whose patience, knowledge and trust made the study, research and design more desirable and interesting, also allowed me to explore and develop widely. They provided great support for my career path.