Tractor Factory Adaptive Reuse

Tractors have played a very important role in the rapid development of China. In Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, there is an abandoned tractor factory that was built to bring development to the city, so we decided to transform it into a modern urban farm and selected one of the buildings to be transformed into a tractor museum to commemorate the glorious history of the factory in the city and the importance of the tractor in the country.

The design retains the original equipment used to manufacture and assemble the tractors in the building to show visitors the factory as it was in operation.The exhibit focuses on the life of a tractor from the time it was built, to the time it was used, and finally to the time it was memorialised as an exhibit, showing them in one day, one year, and over 70 years of China’s history.

The interior and exterior panel units are modular in design, with a small number of different modules combining with each other to complete the design of all the platforms, bridges, stairs, facade skins, and roofs, while the use of a large number of the same panels allows for standardised production, which reduces the costs for customisation.