Sleep Must be Protected

Sleep Must Be Protected is a project that uses a series of designs to alter the city to be more sleep-friendly. It aims to solve the common problem of sleep deprivation that citizens share in modern society. 

The Napping Tower is a tower attached to an office building in which office workers are able to get on a boat and have a dream-like floating and dreaming experience supported by a sequence of facilities. The Dreaming Bubble is a type of sky transportation using Maglev. The bubbles are travelling pods and sleeping pods at the same time; meanwhile, the stations also serve as hotels where people can choose to sleep in the pods as long as they wish. The Cloudy Addition is a module installable outside the window of residential buildings. It uses the climate engine to provide a space where people can sleep in clouds. These three designs altogether provide chances for better sleep in places people use in their daily life and at different times of the day.

I’m especially interested in using various physical principles and designing mechanisms to support the function and atmosphere needed for architecture. Meanwhile, I’m also interested in using visual storytelling referring to other creative works like movies to architectural drawings, which is reflected in the whole project.