Adjustability: From Riverine Ecosystem to Symbiotic Architectural Space

This is a pair work with Baoxin Yang. The following is the abstract of our project.

With the growing issue of the climate crisis and the need for innovative ideas to conserve biodiversity, there is an urgent need for a more symbiotic and adjustable place of symbiosis for both humans and non-humans alike.

Based on the highly promising riverine ecosystems in the Etihad, this project aims to raise awareness of the global issue of Habitat Fragmentation by focusing on the relationship between human and non-human habitats. At the same time, this project provides a plausible exploration of sustainability for Etihad's future through the use of a modular architectural system incorporating contemporary designs and theories for encouraging interaction and prioritising biodiversity. 

We hope this will shed new light on breaking the dichotomy between humans and nature (such as the severe carbon emissions & habitat fragmentation) and alleviating Manchester's housing crisis.