A One Malaysian Race Strategy

I am passionate about the design of inclusive and sustainable cities. This project capitalizes on the urgency of the climate emergency to encourage Malaysians to redefine the concept of race and collaborate in the reconstruction or redesign of a city that promotes equality, inclusivity, and significance for all. It aims to celebrate and embrace differences.

Discrimination based on race and colour has long been a deeply rooted injustice in society and a fundamental driver of inequality today. My thesis delves into the complexities of race and racism, examining both overt and covert manifestations, with a particular focus on Malaysia, my home country. By discussing structural racism, I present research findings that illuminate how racism is intricately woven into the fabric of our society, permeating various domains such as politics, employment, criminal justice, housing, and education. This research underscores the necessity of establishing a new framework for identifying, contextualizing, and reimagining racialised design and spatial planning.

Hence, by utilizing the urgency of the climate change battle as a common ground, my aim is to transcend differences, facilitate open dialogues, and transform our cities into truly inclusive spaces for all individuals. Located in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, the One Malaysian Race Strategy is an urban regeneration project that embodies principles of greenification and flexible design required to adapt to climate changes. It aims to establish sustainable and resilient communities by utilising locally sourced materials and offering design flexibility for diverse ethnic uses. Through my design, I hope to remind people that diversity can be a source of strength, and as architects, we have the capacity to foster inclusivity in our cities by identifying shared commonalities among all individuals.