Mayfield Bathhouse

Mayfield Area is isolated from the city because of the barrier resulting from the Manucinian Highway and the Railway; we want to improve the social connection in the area and take the advantage of Mayfield Park to do interesting activities around it for the short-term and long term as well;

However; We want to change Mayfield by celebrating with the River: Do activities with it, like, playing and enjoying the water around the River. Also, increase the eye connection between the areas around the River to feel and enjoy the water's sense, sound, and outlook. Making additional values by lighting arts and technology will enhance the happiness and nightlife of River and make it an attraction for the community to socialize around it. We propose to make a Pavilion and Bathhouse to achieve this.

This project is designed to be for the long term to invite all the people from Mayfield and outside it to make a better connection between Mayfield and the rest of the city; this project has different activities with water and adds new values such as greenery and relaxation; bathing and Spa as well as lounge and health treatment options.

All of this will make the change in Mayfield in the long term, and short term as well as this project is built in stages and aims for different purposes at every time scale. However, we will also be engaged with Mayfield Bathhouse’s history and bring the design pattern into the project to give the feeling of specialty and connectivity to the area and its history