Urban Social Center

I am deeply passionate about urban spaces and their profound influence on the lives and lifestyles of individuals. As a Masters in Architecture and Urbanism graduate, my work is dedicated to exploring the intricate relationship between the built environment and human experiences. My areas of interest revolve around the intersection of architecture, sustainability, and community engagement. Through meticulous research, innovative design solutions, and a commitment to fostering sustainable and inclusive urban environments, I aim to address the challenges of modern urbanization. My projects seek to harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and spatial environment consciousness.

Through my projects and research, I believe that the built environment should not only inspire but also enhance the quality of life for all users. By integrating elements of green design, smart urban planning, and social inclusivity, my work aims to create cities that are not just visually striking but also resilient, energy-efficient, and people-centric.  With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to sustainable practices, I look forward to contributing to the continued evolution and improvement of our urban landscapes.