About Me: During my master's, I extensively explored computational design tools and firmly believe in my ability to utilize them in my future work. These tools not only automate my workflow and provide me with freedom to code my own tools, but they also enhance design efficiency by incorporating logical design processes. The interactive tool we developed encourages reflection on design decisions, before materializing the final design. By applying computational tools, I aim to apply methods that generate insights into carbon emissions and actively work towards achieving zero-carbon outcomes through innovative design solutions. I consider these skills to be valuable assets that will contribute to my future work opportunities.


The 6th year thesis project was developed in collaboration with Agrima Sharma and Fatemeh Goudarzi  addressing the issues of gentrification and carbon emissions generated as result of urban redevelopment. To tackle these issues, we challenged the conventional patterns of urban growth of high density concentrated commercial centres. Our proposal revolved around integration of affordable housing with amenities in a concept coined as “Middle-Density Affordable Ring”, envisioning a zero-carbon future city that thrives on socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

The magnitude of a large-scale project and incorporating computational tools initially was daunting and presented formidable challenges. However, as project neared the completion, I gained an expertise in these skills and discovered that they had immense potential in becoming an invaluable asset in my architectural career.  Mastering Grasshopper and delving into fundamentals of Python and C# coding languages has empowered me to develop custom computational tools

A notable outcome of our thesis project was the development of our interactive design tool, facilitated by the utilisation of Unity Game Engine. This tool has been profound in communicating the implications of design choices to various stakeholders and providing an immersive interactive experience.