I strongly believe that provide innovative urban design solution that promote a positive social interaction and healthier environment is what a urban design need to consider. Therefore, how to create a community with a strong sense of neighborhood is a issue I have been pursuing and exploring during my studies at MSA. My projects are mainly developed based on the following key concepts, Mixed-use, Commercialization, Walkability, Adaptive, Sustainable, Gathering Place, Shared Space, and Corner Space.

In studio B, I did an observation in a community in Lower Broughton, Salford. I conducted a comprehensive analysis on the history of community, resident activities, street space, public space, and housing. I aim to create a better living experience and community environment for this community. Therefore, I proposed a development axis oriented by public space. The River Irwell are used as a medium to promote interaction and communication between neighbors and enhance the sense of neighborhood. In Studio C, I carried out a further design of a plot in this community. It would be developed into a community hub through the concept of mixed-used. The concept of shared surface was used in the site to guide the circulation of pedestrian and connect the public spaces in the community. In addition, I also injected new uses into the ground floor of the building, which make it a gathering place for community residents.

As for my dissertation, I reviewed the development policies in the past 60 years. I researched the how these policies have been developed based on the community issues encountered in the process of urban development and regeneration. I found that the focus of policy changes with the stage of development. I studied the development of the Hulme, Manchester in detail, Finally, I put forward some suggestions for improvement based on the existing issues.