Combining Burnley with the Canal

The town of Burnley is unique in that it is the most extensive canal embankment in Britain that connects the Leeds and Liverpool canal rivers across the Calder Valley with a long history of architecture. Moreover, the arrival of the canal was a significant event in Burnley's growth and development, for example, stimulating the local textile and coal trade. However, today, embankments have become a physical barrier to urbanization and connecting people. 

The project aims to connect the two sides of the city by using the watertight features of the existing areas to create activities in the surrounding areas. In addition, they want to improve, design and modify this area to increase public space for people to come and do new activities together with the area along the canal. Overall, this is a way to conserve and maintain the canal to the fullest and to help create a new image for Burnley as a sustainable city.