This project explores sustainable methods of dealing with death, creating a non denominational place of worship for the community of Salford. Through investigating different religions and cultures on their traditions and religious practices, the one commonality between them all was the importance of light. 

This instigated developing a material using stone and crushed glass to create a terazzo effect finish that allowed light to travel through the bits of glass. Research on the effects of different light qualities and their effects on human emotions and health led to creating differents sets of the material for different areas of the design with colours of the glass, opacitiy, reflectivity and size varying between the categories. 

The final design of the project consists of a non denominational place of worship, a space that can be used for contemplative and reflective time for individuals as well as a space for the community needs. There is also a space where dead bodies are resomated, liquidifying the body and using the minerals to nurture the memorial gardens. There is also a space for family and friends to share anecdotes about the loved lost one in the Remembering Room. 

The design integrates itself within the Irwell Sculpture Trail in Salford, situated in Kersal Wetlands.