The thesis seeks to provoke an engaging interaction between youth with antisocial behaviour and people around Preston. Along with Johan, we take the Roma Interrotta approach to help us create ideas for interventions with a "Park ‘N’ Play" system, collaging buildings, and spaces of different scales to fit onto the city of Preston.

The project follows with more realisation from the findings and creating a well-suited building that could interact with the context and users around Preston. Moving closer to rejuvenating the burned-down Odeon Theatre, a new programme was created for the building and understanding the problem in order to answer the research questions on "How can youth centres help to create a support system for youth who struggle with antisocial behaviour?".

As a continuation that establishes a connection between an idea and exaggeration, we created a one-stop centre for youth that emphasises the wellbeing of the user, creating a multi-generational building and an arcade that connects the city with the block. Using different kinds of models, the circulation internal and external to the buildings was studied deeply to provide a continuous perceptive experience around Preston.