pH(-co²) : Bradford's Industrial Museum & Living Incubator

pH(-co²) is a proposal of an industrial museum and living incubator in Bradford, Manchester, next to the Etihad Stadium. The aim of this project is to create awareness on the power of moss and lichen as agents of change in the age of Bradford’s Anthropocene as a post-industrial landscape. This proposal intends to answer the research question; How can the irreversible environmental impacts caused by Bradford’s anthropocentric activities during the industrial era be combated by encouraging the growth of mosses and lichens on site?

As the name of this project suggests, mosses and lichens play important roles in the ecosystem as indicators and mitigators of air pollution. Their roles in combating air pollution and biodiversity loss are highlighted by systematically integrating them in our architectural proposal and the overall masterplan. The masterplan intends to rewild the existing landscape and sequestrate carbon dioxide by propagating moss and lichen on site and connecting it to the surrounding vegetation spaces through eco-bridges. 

This project engages with the idea of Dystopia versus Utopia through drawing and video representations to portray the urgency of climate change and the importance of integrating mosses and lichens in our design. The facade system includes air purification pod modules and the use of biocrete to facilitate the growth of mosses and lichens as a means of achieving net zero carbon. The main spaces are the industrial past & future museum, the botanical lab & incubator for mosses & lichens, and workshops which aim to educate the public about the process of creating air purification pods. Users from all generations are able to engage with the proposed programmes as the project appreciates the site's history as a coal mining site whilst acknowledging its contribution to air pollution through the proposal of Bradford's industrial future. 

This project is in collaboration with Hanna Batrisyia.