Our Home

The year is 2050 and I am the CEO of Twitchen PLC, the nation's most succesful furniture and home improvements brand. I have taken over the Regent's Retail Park in Salford with the aim of providing a model with which to fix Britain's broken housing market.

The existing retail park buildings are retained and re-clad to provide both a design centre in which prospective residents come to create their dream home as well as workshop spaces in which a flat-pack kit of SIPS panels is produced for each module. Above is erected a CLT framework into which these modules can 'plug-in'. Each 'plot' houses a CLT structural core at the centre, containing areas designed for kitchens, bathrooms and services. Around this, the floor plate is entirely configurable to suit the diverse needs of each resident. Everything from small studios to 3 bedroom family modules can easily be accomodated.

Around these housing modules exhist bucolic wildflower meadows and an 'Outreach Pavillion'. Within this pavillion I have designed a range of reprogrammable furniture so that the communal spaces can be programmed and then reprogrammed to reflect the ever changing needs of the community.

Additionally, the residential 'plots' are designed to harness the spirit of incrementalism and allow residents to come and go with panels that can be as easily dissasmbled as assembled.

Our Home provides a model for how housing can be trasnformed to suit our individualised needs and desires while also creating strong, sustainable and intersectional communities that regenerate locales while respecting and supporting existing social structures.