Preston's Youth Centre

Choosing the Burned Down Theatre as a site for 'Contentious Heritage' has created the possibility of intervening ideas and spaces that revolves around connecting 3 sites (the Miller Arcade, The Burned Down Odean Theatre itself, and the Avenham Carpark) that would help revive the Miller Arcade to create a passing trade.

Through S1, our approach was to understand the types of activities and the type of users, therefore moving towards the study of the causes of the youth's anti-social behavior. For S2, the approach of types of activities and users tend to comprehend the finding of spaces and allowing the Burned Down Theatre to be occupied by journey and destination moving through the site, with human interactions.

Focusing on S3, where we understand more about the context and the materials that could form the Youth Centre pertaining to what has been done in S2 as a continuation. Understanding the neighbouring routes, points of access, the relationship of the Youth Centre to the neighbouring context, and the design that relates to the studies and details. We moved from S1, S2 and S3 as a continuation that creates a relation from an idea and exaggeration, a place of activities for the Youth, and creating a one-stop centre for the Youth that emphasizes the wellbeing of the user creating a multi-generational building, an arcade that connects the city with the block.