Project: [Enter] Change

A shift towards urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts is imperative. Our project's primary objective is to address the current climate emergency through city planning, focusing on two dimensions: societal progress and environmental sustainability. Our site, Manchester Eastern Gateway, is set for significant regeneration and growth. Through thorough site analysis, we have identified key areas for improvement, such as poorly connected urban neighborhoods, infrastructural congestion, high crime rates, and community segregation. It is crucial to recognize the socio-political nature of these issues, as they directly influence urban strategies like mobility, accessibility, the quality of the built environment, and, subsequently, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

As a cohesive group, we have successfully developed a comprehensive set of computational tools within a broader design approach. These tools incorporate data analysis and computational design generation, following an iterative process. By shifting the focus of city design towards the integration of community benefits and striving for Net-Zero Carbon futures, we aim to establish a "dynamic" equilibrium within the city. Our computational designs possess the potential to influence stakeholders, users, and architects, encouraging them to reconsider their behaviors in the context of global warming on a larger scale.

Undertaking this project has deepened my understanding of the adverse impact the built environment has on the climate. It has also demonstrated how computational design can effectively address these challenges. Through the optimisation of various metrics, we not only progress towards our goal of creating a healthier climate but also strive to foster a more inclusive environment.

Overall, our project seeks to be a catalyst for change, encouraging sustainable urban development practices and inspiring others. By combining innovative computational tools and a commitment to a greener future, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on our society and the environment.