About Me:

As someone who is passionate about conceptual design, I possess an eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to bringing their vision to life. My studies have equipped me with the technical skills and creative flair necessary to design and build innovative and imaginative projects, something I am looking forward to putting into practice. I am particularly interested in visualisation as well as in how technology/computational can be used to assist us in the design process as a whole.

Thesis Project: [INCLU]_CITY

As a consultant for Manchester City Council (MCC), we will propose low-carbon to zero-carbon solutions for the Eastern Gateway. Make cities more desirable by disrupting the status quo.Circular economy concepts and urban metabolism allow us to go beyond carbon accounting. The goal of this project is to design and evaluate a smart zero-carbon city using a combination of theoretical approaches and computational methods based on already existing problems and our own theoretical framework.

Our thesis statement argues that urban regeneration affects residents and the environment in many ways. It also argues that neglecting these actors results in urban inclusivity reduction by affecting urban residents' quality of life. In order to achieve a smart zero carbon city, we explore various solutions using computational methods derived from theoretical frameworks. These solutions are to improve accessibility, amenities, and compactness within cities, all of which will help achieve a zero carbon city. It is our objective to make cities more inclusive, accessible, and liveable by improving access to amenities and compactness.A few computational design tools were developed as part of the development of this area that would aid in the decision-making and planning process. The project was developed in collaboration with Muaz Aiman Masri.